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09/29/2018Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Stonegate Motorplex
09/14/2018KC Trends Exotic Car Private Event

New GRP LED tail lights.RAC Monolites 2

Current engine bay with new BOE RevX supercharger.Motor

Leaving BOE with new RevX supercharger!RAC Monolites 1


New Polished RAC Monolite wheelsRAC Monolites 2

06/30/2018Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Stonegate Motorplex
04/28/2018Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Stonegate Motorplex
04/18/2018First drive to work in over two years :)
04/14/2018Exotic Donuts & Dyno event at House Of Boost
02/09/2018Oil change at home with Mobil 1

Chazz inside modeling shot.Chazz Photoshoot 2

Chazz outside modeling shot.Chazz Photoshoot 3

12/14/2017Pick car up detailers/ceramic coating
12/06/2017Pick car up from Midwest Tint (XPEL paint protection)

New carpeted interior!Carpeting


Pick car up from Tanners and bring home! New Tesla Midnight Silver Metallic paint!Carbon Fiber Body

10/10/2016Drop car off at Tanner's Collision for BOE Carbon Fiber clam installation...
09/01/2016Oil change at home with Mobil 1

Carbon Fiber headlight enclosures and new polycarbonate lenses.Carbon Fiber Lights

09/26/2015Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Rosana Square
08/26/2015Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's - 10th anniversary of ownership!

Weigh car at BOE: 1699 lbs. empty, 1787 lbs. full of gasoline (14.26 gallons)Scales

06/27/2015Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Kansas City Automotive Museum

New full Carbon Fiber & Leather Interior.Interior2

04/26/2015Weigh car at BOE: 1810 lbs. full + no top

Garage Photoshoot for the May 2015 issue of Kansas City Homes & Style magazine.Magazine Shoot

12/04/2014Garage remodel is complete
11/18/2014Slatwall arrives
10/30/2014High-lift garage door openers installed
10/22/2014Epoxy coat garage floor
10/21/2014Paint garage ceiling gray
10/16/2014IKEA cabinets are installed
09/28/2014Order IKEA cabinets for garage
08/03/2014Oil change at home with Mobil 1

A nice shady shot in the parking lot at work.Carbon trunk


Dyno Tuned at BOE (TVS Rev400) 410hp / 281lb/ft (360.90whp / 247.10wlb/ft).

Dyno Graph


May 2013: Parked at work.Latest

02/08/2013Oil change at home with Motul 8100
01/22/2013Weigh car at BOE: 1906 lbs. full + hardtop + sub, 2090 lbs. with 184 lb. driver.
07/07/2012Dynoed at BOE (TVS Rev400) 390hp / 257lb/ft (343.48whp / 225.89wlb/ft)
05/16/2012Oil change at home with Motul 8100
04/21/2012Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's

LAST DRAG RACE at KCIR. BOE REV400 - horrible traction!
(12pm-1pm) 38°F, 30.23 pressure, 57% humidity (1.046 correction) 1997 lbs.Last KCIR

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

10/28/2011 Drag race at KCIR. BOE TVS1320 Rev400 Supercharger + Nitto NT555R's
(6pm-7pm) 55°F, 30.17 pressure, 31% humidity (1.023 correction) 2015 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

10/18/2011Gear Oil change at home with Lucas 75/90 synthetic
06/22/2011Heartland Park Porsche Driver Track Event. Best Lap 1:59.94 @ 122.17 mph - CORDED TIRES!
06/13/2011Wash & wax car with dad
05/21/2011Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
05/16/2011Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/03/2010Elise back from body shop!
10/18/2010Elise finally going into body shop for repairs
10/06/2010Heartland Park Touring Club #9. Best Lap 1:35.67
10/01/2010Heartland Park Porsche Driver Track Event. Best Lap 1:53.59 @ 120.00 mph
09/12/2010Heartland Park Touring Club #8. Best Lap 1:37.27
09/01/2010Heartland Park Touring Club #7. Best Lap 1:36.69
08/09/2010Rear ended by Lexus at red light. Will need new rear clamshell :(

Photoshoot with Chazz Hobson at Wrap Factory.Chazz Photoshoot 1

Light Painting!Chazz Photoshoot 2

07/30/2010KC Trends "Fast Friday" Car Meet

Discovery Channel "Heartland Thunder" air date.

07/10/2010Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
07/07/2010Heartland Park Touring Club #3. Best Lap 1:34.63 @ 120.30 mph - PERSONAL BEST!
05/18/2010Oil change at home with Motul 8100
04/02/2010Fast Fridays Track Event at MAM. Best Lap: 1:47.80 @ 126.40 mph - BEST TIME!
03/30/2010Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/21/2009 Drag race at KCIR. BOE TVS Supercharger (1980 lbs)
(1pm-3pm) 56°F, 29.98 pressure, 74% humidity (1.005 correction) 1980 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

10/29/2009Join BritishSpeed forum

Heartland Park Porsche Driver Track Event. Best Lap 1:52.62 @ 131.20 mph - PERSONAL BEST!Heartland Park Porsche Club

10/09/2009Oil change at home with Motul 8100

Heartland Park Touring Club #11. Best Lap 1:37.97 @ 120.85 mphDusk

08/31/2009Our 8th wedding anniversary at Fogo de Chao

Film Discovery Channel Heartland Thunder! KCRSCCA Autocross: Time 21.130 : Rank 6/14 : PAX 9thKansas Speedway

08/09/2009KCRSCCA Autocross #6 : Time 56.688 : Rank 57/69 : PAX 63rd

Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's - claybar & waxing!Waxed 2

Nice and shiny right after claybar and polishing.Waxed 1

04/10/2009Dynoed at Supertune (TVS) 325hp / 212lb/ft (286.44whp / 186.50wlb/ft)
04/09/2009Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/23/2008 Drag race at KCIR. Katana supercharger, 3.4" pulley, AreaP exhaust, street tires
(2pm-4pm) 54°F, 29.98 pressure, 63% humidity (1.011 correction) 2030 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph
11/16/2008Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
10/17/2008Heartland Park Porsche Driver Track. Best Lap 1:57.65 @ 123.61 mph
08/26/2008Three years of ownership - three year warranty is over! :(
08/19/2008Hailey's first day of Kindergarten in the Elise!
08/16/2008Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
08/13/2008Heartland Park Touring Club #5. Best Lap: 1:41.58 @ 119.65 mph
08/12/2008Oil change at home with Motul 8100
07/30/2008Create beta-version LOTUS wall in new garage (see pix above)
07/26/2008Dynoed at Supertune (3.4" pulley) 261hp / 169lbft (230.11whp / 149.15wlbft)
07/24/2008Madison's first drive - she loved it!
06/21/2008Porsche Driver Track Event at Heartland Park - first time out in 241 days!
06/06/2008Close on new house - move in!
05/21/2008Pick up car from TurboPhil's place... drop off at house
12/04/2007Move out of our Shawnee home - car is in storage at Phil's barn!
11/18/2007 Drag race at KCIR. Stock intake/green filter + Katana supercharger 3.2" pulley
(12pm-4pm) 60°F, 30.00 pressure, 54% humidity (1.004 correction) 2070 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

11/10/2007Dyno at MC Racing (3.2" pulley) 262hp / 173lb/ft (230.87whp / 152.29wlb/ft)
10/24/2007Heartland Park Touring Club #5. Best Lap: 01:43.90 @ 123.12 mph
09/28/2007Fast Fridays Track Event at MAM
09/19/2007Heartland Park Touring Club #4
09/15/2007Elise GTG meet at First Watch in Shawnee
08/31/2007Dynoed at Supertune (3.4" pulley) 259hp / 168lb/ft (228.19whp / 148.48wlb/ft)
08/26/2007Two years of ownership!
06/20/2007Heartland Park Touring Club #3
05/16/2007Heartland Park Touring Club #2
04/18/2007Heartland Park Touring Club #1
04/07/2007MAM 'Find The Line' track day. Best Lap 01:50.50 @ 121.42 mph
04/02/2007Oil change at home with Motul 8100
12/15/2006Dynoed at MC Racing 201hp / 143lb/ft (177.17whp / 126.04wlb/ft)
12/09/2006Attended Crown Autocross Banquet - received 1st place ASP trophy
11/19/2006 Drag raced at KCIR. TurboXS intake, ForcedFed street header + decat, 6" 2bular exhaust
(12pm-4pm) 47°F 30.38 pressure 47% humidity (1.040 correction) 2050 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph
11/11/2006Elise GTG meet in Lawrence - Phil comes over first
10/28/2006Ben Noel over with his Black 2006 Elise
10/23/2006Oil change / Dash Replacement at MidRivers Lotus
10/20/2006Heartland Park Porsche Driver Track Event. Best Lap 02:05.20 @ 111.70 mph
10/18/2006Dinner CME with my wife at The Capitol Grill

Photoshoot with Joe Lynch at JCCC and Corporate WoodsFirstShoot

09/27/2006Dinner CME with my wife at The American Restaurant
09/26/2006Go to Babaks for dinner in Topeka
09/06/2006Fisher Price booster seat for Hailey's ice cream 4th birthday drive!

MAM 'Find The Line' track day. Best Lap: 01:51.21 @ 113.62 mphOn the race track 4

08/09/2006Golfing at IronHorse with my dad - we fit two sets of clubs in the car!

Heartland Park Road Warriors #5. Best Lap: 01:45.65 @ 117.85 mphOn the race track 3

Track attack!On the race track 1

07/15/2006Crown Autocross #5 : Time 48.764 : Rank 25/62 : PAX 46th
07/12/2006Heartland Park Road Warriors #4

Heartland Park Road Warriors #3RW3

06/24/2006Full Day getaway at Lake Of The Ozarks!
06/17/2006Dynoed at MC Racing 193hp / 139lb/ft (170.03whp / 122.74wlb/ft)
06/04/2006Crown Autocross #4 : Time 44.907 : Rank 25/70 : PAX 42nd
05/26/2006Oil change at home with Motul 8100
05/14/2006Crown Autocross #3 : Time 47.054 : Rank 47/81 : PAX 60th
05/10/2006Heartland Park Road Warriors #2
04/23/2006Crown Autocross #2 : Time 43.494 : Rank 34/76 : PAX 26th - BEST autox EVER!
04/15/2006Phase I Evolution Autocross School in Salina, Kansas (with Phil Verhaeghe)
04/12/2006Heartland Park Road Warriors #1
03/26/2006Crown Autocross #1 : Time 50.257 : Rank 51/112 : PAX 80th

World Of Wheels auto show - took Best In Show 'Exotic Sports' classWorld Of Wheels

01/28/2006Elise GTG meet at Napoleans Bakery with kids (brought minivan).

Have lunch with Phil (another Graphite Gray owner) at Sports 810Meet Phil


Elise GTG meet at Napoleans BakeryNapoleon

10/28/2005 Drag raced at KCIR. Completely stock.
(6pm-10pm) 57°F 30.22 pressure 55% humidity (1.017 correction) 2090 lbs.
Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph
10/23/2005KCRSCCA Autocross #8: Time 58.422 : Rank 71/107 : PAX 84th
10/15/2005Dynoed at MC Racing 190hp / 138lb/ft (167.31whp / 121.68wlb/ft)
10/10/2005First checkup & Oil change at MidRivers Lotus in St. Louis

Finish Lotus garage!First garage

09/25/2005KCRSCCA Autocross #6: Time 48.441 : Rank 81/113 : PAX 88th
Also weighed car full of gas no top: 1920 lbs.
09/13/2005Attend SCCA Solo2 Nationals & dinner at Bobbys in Topeka afterwards
09/08/2005Get license tags
08/31/2005Our 4th wedding anniversary and my wife's first ride. Valet parked at Capitol Grill.

Arrive home in Kansas City 1:30pm. Neighbors freak ;)Home!


Delivery at Fox Valley Motorcars with Bill Nuccio Jr. 527 day wait!Delivery

08/26/2005Attend LOG25 for an evening GTG - Meet fellow Lotus owners & Lotus CEO
08/22/2005Car arrives at Fox Valley MotorCars
07/28/2005Install slatwall in garage with dad
05/26/2005Car is built at Lotus in Hethel...
05/26/2005Install gridwork on garage floor
05/09/2005Start sending Fox Valley down payment money
04/23/2005Take sports package Elise test drive with my wife at Fox Valley Motorcars

Lotus Driving Experience at Autobahn Country Club - with Simon Hall.Lotus Driving Experience

03/12/2005Elise GTG meet in Lawrence (with wife and kids). Mike Roberts gets car!
01/22/2005Elise GTG meet in Lawrence. Bobby gets his car!
01/03/2005Place order for Elise options (Base, Graphite Gray, Sports Pack, Hardtop, Starshield)
10/15/2004Take first Elise test drive at Fox Valley MotorCars
07/14/2004First North American Elise is delivered!
05/26/2004My old Honda delSol is picked up. All my Honda stuff is gone!
02/07/2004Place deposit on Elise at Fox Valley Motorcars (FVMC)
02/06/2004See Elise for the first time at the Chicago Auto Show (meet Bill Jr. from Fox Valley Motorcars)
02/03/2004Join LotusTalk forum
01/15/2004Make a deal with my wife to get an Elise if I get rid of ALL old Honda stuff. Done!
10/15/2003November Road & Track Elise article reaches newstands - it's coming to North America!

My wife Jane went to London for a medical conference. I asked her to get an Elise brochure for me!Janie London

06/08/1996See Lotus Elise on a magazine cover. Fell instantly in love. Not coming to North America :(


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08/26/2005BaseBase Model Elise (base suspension, touring package)0.0001984.00899.77
08/26/2005BaseDelete Touring Pack option-15.0001969.00892.97
08/26/2005BaseAdd Lotus Sport Suspension option (my baseline)-20.0001949.00883.90
08/26/2005BaseRemove padded touring softtop-11.7601937.24878.57
08/26/2005BaseCompletely empty (10.60 gallon, 40 litres) gas tank-64.9781872.26849.10
08/28/2005ElectricalRemove battery cover & bracket-2.1201870.14848.14
08/28/2005InteriorRemove visors-1.1001869.04847.64
08/28/2005LightingLED brake light flasher module0.2251869.27847.74
09/17/2005InteriorCG Lock seatbelt fastener0.2501869.52847.85
02/22/2006Interior35% window tint on rear window & sides / 15% eyebrow0.0511869.57847.88
03/10/2006InteriorRemove visor posts-0.1501869.42847.81
04/11/2006SuspensionRemove camber shims (3mm)-0.1501869.27847.74
07/10/2006TrunkRemove trunk side carpet-1.4381867.83847.09
07/10/2006TrunkRemove Fix-a-flat aerosol can-0.8251867.01846.71
07/10/2006TrunkRemove rear trunk carpet-0.7881866.22846.36
08/05/2006TrunkRemove foam trunk pad-0.4151865.80846.17
08/05/2006TrunkRemove trunk release handle-0.0151865.79846.16
10/01/2006InteriorAutoZone rearview mirror-0.1701865.62846.08
10/01/2006InteriorClutch stop mod0.0131865.63846.09
10/26/2006LightingAluminum headlight embellishers0.0381865.67846.11
10/26/2006TrunkRemove trunk "carpet" liner-0.3501865.32845.95
04/03/2007InteriorPassenger airbag / ABS cutoff switches0.0631865.38845.98
08/21/2007DrivetrainFidanza aluminum flywheel-5.4821859.90843.49
08/21/2007DrivetrainACT LE1-XTSS Extreme Clutch-0.9221858.98843.07
09/11/2007EngineRemove charcoal canister & related plumbing-4.2691854.71841.14
08/16/2008InteriorRemove under dash panels to improve A/C performance-0.2751854.43841.01
11/15/2008LightingWhite LED rear license plate lights-0.0801854.35840.98
11/16/2008ExteriorBOE Clamhinge system (with revised engine lid bracket)2.0131856.37841.89
01/10/2009InteriorRevoSport CF door panels-1.2751855.09841.31
03/01/2009DrivetrainLETSLA short shifter mechanism-0.7251854.37840.98
05/25/2009ExteriorReplace stock rear clam shims with aluminum-1.0631853.30840.50
06/05/2009ExhaustRemove Exhaust Heatshielding-2.4701850.83839.38
06/07/2009ElectricalRemove 20" of extra battery cable-0.8691849.96838.99
06/30/2009EngineProAlloy 54 litre gas tank / Walbro 255 fuel pump-9.6401840.32834.61
02/28/2010InteriorBillet aluminum carpet buttons0.0631840.39834.64
03/04/2010SuspensionBOElinks aluminum rear toelinks-1.8131838.57833.82
03/30/2010EngineSector 111 gPan Oil Pan2.2501840.82834.84
03/30/2010Engine0.6 liters of additional engine oil (4.4 - 5.0 liters)1.1121841.94835.35
05/06/2010EngineThermo-Tec "Suppressor" heat/sound control mat0.8751842.81835.74
05/14/2010EngineSupertech stainless valves + Eibach springs, ARP studs0.0001842.81835.74
05/14/2010EngineBOE NewTech Nikasil lined 2ZZGE short block0.0001842.81835.74
05/14/2010EngineCalico coated 9.0:1 Wiseco forged pistons-0.6761842.13835.44
05/14/2010EngineCalico coated ACL crank & rod bearings, CW oil gears0.0001842.13835.44
05/14/2010EngineTrim "U-tube" cooling pipe-0.5251841.61835.20
05/14/2010EngineMWR alternator / water pump underdrive pulleys-0.3041841.31835.06
05/23/2010InteriorInterior sound deadening (DynaLiner, batting, fabric)2.7931844.10836.33
06/03/2010InteriorEliseParts polished window winders, stalks & handbrake-0.0441844.05836.31
09/30/2010ExteriorCustom BOE undertray-4.4201839.63834.30
11/03/2010EngineCarbonOne Carbon Fiber spark plug cover-0.0521839.58834.28
11/03/2010ExteriorCustom rear clam (shaved indicators, fins, lid holes/lines)-1.6801837.90833.52
01/15/2011ExteriorApply new rear 'LOTUS', 'Elise R' and side 'R' decals0.0051837.91833.52
02/28/2011EngineBOE Catch Can System1.0501838.96833.99
07/14/2011InteriorFastToys Carpet / footrest delete-0.9101838.05833.58
07/14/2011InteriorFastToys CF footwell divider-0.5711837.48833.32
07/25/2011InteriorCarbonOne CF center console-0.4341837.04833.13
09/30/2011LightingGRP LED Halo daylight running lights0.0651837.11833.16
10/10/2011LightingAmber LED front turn signal lights-0.0801837.03833.12
04/08/2012InteriorFastToys CF Side Sills-1.6251835.40832.38
05/09/2012ExteriorCustom rear eliminator panel with mesh grill-3.1861832.22830.94
07/06/2012InteriorRLS CF door pulls-0.1131832.10830.89
09/28/2012InteriorRLS CF steering wheel ring0.0631832.17830.91
10/14/2012ExteriorMatte black front windshield brow/trim0.0051832.17830.92
02/08/2013EngineRemove front oil coolers (hosing, sandwich, system oil)-20.6001811.57821.57
03/10/2013Electrical10 second delay circuit for daylight halo running lights0.0241811.60821.59
03/12/2013Electrical45 second delay circuit for Rev400 IC pump/fan0.0241811.62821.60
05/23/2013ExteriorGB Composites CF Gascap-0.4981811.12821.37
05/23/2013InteriorComposite Worx CF Single Skin Seats-19.1251792.00812.70
06/07/2013InteriorUnderseat ABS retractable dual cupholder0.2441792.24812.81
06/12/2013ExteriorCF Front Access Panels-1.5751790.67812.09
07/15/2014ExteriorGB Composites CF Rear Lid (-brace, +mesh grill, +aerocatch latch)-10.3041780.36807.42
08/05/2014InteriorChange HVAC faceplace to black - add EL backlight0.0301780.39807.43
08/26/2014ExteriorBOE CF Side Mirrors (1711gm stock vs. 582gm)-2.4891777.90806.31
08/27/2014WheelsLightweight Titanium Lug Bolts (1177gm stock vs. 791gm)-0.8511777.05805.92
01/01/2015SuspensionPenske Single Adjustable Shocks-2.3901774.66804.84
01/17/2015EngineBOE Engine Block Off Plates (delete stock ventilation)-0.7361773.93804.50
04/07/2015InteriorPassenger airbag, bracket and other hardware delete-5.3251768.60802.09
04/12/2015InteriorORE interior CF dash (replace stock pieces + CF vents)-3.7541764.85800.38
04/25/2015ExteriorOptic Armor Rear Lexan Window (replace stock window)-1.8761762.97799.53
05/06/2015AudioInfinity Reference 5012i & Lanzar 6.5" molybdenum speakers-0.2061762.76799.44
05/06/2015AudioPioneer MVH-X560BT mechless receiver-3.1781759.59798.00
05/06/2015AudioAlpine KTP445U "power-pack" amplifier1.5001761.09798.68
05/10/2015ExteriorReplace ClamHinge support cord with cable reel0.0221761.11798.69
06/05/2015InteriorChange interior vents to chrome ring vents-0.0421761.07798.67
06/25/2015InteriorLeather seat inserts, doors, shifter, ebrake & cupholder1.6801762.75799.43
07/11/2015BrakesFreno Front Carbon-Ceramic Rotors, Pads & Calipers-17.5901745.16791.45
07/11/2015BrakesFreno Rear Carbon-Ceramic Rotors & Pads-18.2061726.95783.20
07/11/2015BrakesBWR Stainless Steel Brake Lines-0.4761726.47782.98
07/11/2015SuspensionSector 111 V2 Steering Arms (V2 536g, stock 990g)-0.9791725.49782.54
02/01/2016LightingGRP CF Headlight bases + lens-0.7871724.71782.18
04/01/2016ExteriorLighter rear clam heat shield-6.0641718.64779.43
08/25/2016EngineBWR F1 Radiator (+coolant)-2.7171715.93778.20
08/25/2016EngineSilicone Radiator Hoses & BOE clamps-0.2981715.63778.06
09/15/2016Exhaust2bular "ElGordo" 4-1 header + SDCP + adapters-16.0921699.54770.76
09/15/2016Exhaust3" BOE Silent Touch Exhaust-16.4221683.11763.32
09/15/2016ExhaustNew 90 degree exhaust pipe + 4" tip2.3501685.46764.38
09/15/2016ExteriorAluminum clamhinge brackets-0.4011685.06764.20
09/17/2016ExteriorGRP CF Rollbar Cover (trimmed)-2.9021682.16762.89
10/10/2016ExteriorDelete steel top clam brackets-0.2651681.90762.77
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Front Clam-12.9651668.93756.89
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Fender Covers-4.1611664.77755.00
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Rear Clam-16.4801648.29747.52
10/07/2017ExteriorGRP CF Radiator Grills-0.7341647.56747.19
10/07/2017ExteriorGRP CF Side Intake Grills-0.2071647.35747.10
10/07/2017ExteriorPolycarbonate Hardtop (13.59 vs 26.41 lbs.)0.0001647.35747.10
10/15/2017ExteriorReverie 5-element CF diffuser-4.2101643.14745.19
10/21/2017ExteriorGRP CF Front Center/Side Grills0.1541643.29745.26
10/21/2017ExteriorBOE CF Front Splitter (with protection edge trim)2.1391645.43746.23
10/21/2017ExteriorBSK CF Side Skirts3.5411648.97747.83
10/21/2017LightingLED H1+H7 headlights / high beams0.2121649.19747.93
11/05/2017ExteriorHKFever CF Mudflaps-1.2141647.97747.38
11/11/2017InteriorGarw Dash + Rear camera + oil temp/pressure sensors0.8241648.80747.75
11/13/2017LightingGRP LED Taillights-2.1101646.69746.80
11/29/2017InteriorBlack carpet + binding to cover interior aluminum floor3.9401650.63748.58
12/03/2017ExteriorOptic Armor polycarbonate drop-in windshield-12.1141638.51743.09
12/04/2017ExteriorReplace rear grill to new support system-0.7001637.81742.77
12/04/2017ExteriorXPEL Pro Paint Protection (front clam, sides, lights & brow)0.2301638.04742.88
12/13/2017ExteriorFull Ceramic Paint Protection0.0101638.05742.88
02/24/2018DrivetrainBWR UberTranny - better ratios, strength & Quaife LSD3.6001641.65744.51
02/24/2018DrivetrainInnovative Polyurethane Rear engine mount-0.7341640.92744.18
02/24/2018DrivetrainLightweight replacement rear engine mount heat shield-0.1591640.76744.11
02/24/2018DrivetrainSector111 reinforced shift cables1.3101642.07744.70
02/24/2018EngineReplacement starter motor (NAPA)0.5621642.63744.96
02/25/2018ElectricalReplace stock battery with Shorai LFX36L3-BS12-23.8501618.78734.14
02/25/2018ElectricalAdd battery shutoff switch / bracket / charging cable1.2741620.06734.72
03/15/2018AudioPioneer speaker grills (for rear speaker cone protection)0.1301620.19734.78
03/15/2018InteriorMore Dynaliner sound proofing behind speaker panel0.3701620.56734.95
03/16/2018LightingSmoked 3.5" LED fog lights / wiring / brackets1.0501621.61735.42
03/17/2018DrivetrainSector111 shiftR111 shifter-1.1271620.48734.91
03/29/2018ExteriorBSK CF Windshield Surround-0.9701619.51734.47
07/12/2018WheelsToyo R888 tires (195/50/16 front, 245/40/17 rear)10.0001629.51739.01
07/12/2018WheelsPolished RAC Monolite 16x7 & 17x8 wheels-9.9001619.61734.52
08/22/2018DrivetrainInnovative Polyurethane Front engine mount-0.4001619.21734.34
08/22/2018EnginePiper Stage 3 Camshafts0.0001619.21734.34
08/27/2018EngineBOE Surge Tank4.2361623.44736.26
08/27/2018EngineBOE TwinScrew 24psi REVX Supercharger62.5701686.01764.63
12/31/2018Goal: under 800 kg. full tank / under 1800 lbs. full + hardtop 1686.01764.63