Updated Jul 13th, 2018 at 8:50 AM


Updated Jul 13th, 2018 at 8:50 AM

RAC Monolites 1
RAC Monolites 2

New Polished RAC Monolite wheels

Chazz Photoshoot 2
Chazz Photoshoot 3

Chazz modeling shots

Midwest Tint

At Midwest Tint getting XPEL Pro paint protection.


Newly carpeted interior.

Rear Tails

Custom GRP rear taillights.

Carbon Fiber Body

Carbon Fiber Body and new Tesla Midnight Silver Metallic paint color...

Carbon Fiber Lights

Carbon Fiber headlight enclosures and new polycarbonate lenses...

Magazine Shoot

This is a picture from the May 2015 issue of Kansas City Homes & Style magazine.

Carbon trunk

A nice shady shot in the parking lot at work.


Current engine bay.


Current interior picture showing custom leather seats and full carbon fiber trim.


Latest scales. 1699 lbs. empty, 1787 lbs. full of gasoline (14.26 gallons)


Another picture at work with unpainted carbon fiber access panels.


A nice shady driveway shot.

Chazz modeling shot from 2010.

Kansas Speedway

A photo taken right after filming Discovery Channel's Heartland Thunder program in 2009.

Waxed 1

A Spring 2009 daytime driveway shot right after claybar and polishing.

Waxed 2

A front angle taken the same day as the above photo.


Another interior angle.

On the race track

2009 Heartland Park track attack with Rota wheels.

Heartland Park Porsche Club

Chasing down the Vipers at Heartland Park the same day as above.

Engine Bay

Another engine bay picture, highlighting the BOE Clamhinge.

Dyno Graph

Latest dyno graph from August 2013.


Updated on Jul 13th, 2018 at 8:50 AM

08/26/2005BaseBase Model Elise (base suspension, touring package)0.0001984.00899.77
08/26/2005BaseDelete Touring Pack option-15.0001969.00892.97
08/26/2005BaseAdd Lotus Sport Suspension option (my baseline)-20.0001949.00883.90
08/26/2005BaseRemove padded touring softtop-11.7601937.24878.57
08/26/2005BaseCompletely empty (10.60 gallon, 40 litres) gas tank-64.9781872.26849.10
08/28/2005InteriorRemove visors-1.1001871.16848.60
08/28/2005DrivetrainRemove battery cover / toolkit-2.1201869.04847.64
08/28/2005DrivetrainBraille Battery-14.5001854.54841.06
08/28/2005LightingLED brake light flasher module0.2251854.77841.16
09/17/2005InteriorCG Lock seatbelt fastener0.2501855.02841.28
09/25/2005Scales: 1855 lbs. empty (no top), 1920 lbs. full 1855.02841.28
10/13/2005InteriorLeather emergency brake cover0.0631855.08841.31
12/05/2005ExteriorMultiVex side mirrors0.0631855.14841.33
01/15/2006LightingSilverStar H7 high beams0.0001855.14841.33
01/15/2006Lighting55watt 8000k HID headlights1.8631857.01842.18
02/21/2006AudioInfinity Reference speakers-0.2061856.80842.09
02/22/2006Interior35% window tint on rear window & sides / 15% eyebrow0.0511856.85842.11
02/22/2006InteriorLotus Sport & Elise front license decals0.0631856.91842.14
03/10/2006InteriorRemove visor posts-0.1501856.76842.07
04/11/2006WheelsRemove camber shims (3mm)-0.1501856.61842.00
07/10/2006DrivetrainRemove trunk side carpet-1.4381855.18841.35
07/10/2006DrivetrainRemove Fix-a-flat aerosol can-0.8251854.35840.98
07/10/2006DrivetrainRemove rear trunk carpet-0.7881853.56840.62
08/05/2006DrivetrainRemove foam trunk pad-0.4151853.15840.43
08/05/2006DrivetrainRemove trunk release handle-0.0151853.13840.42
09/16/2006ExteriorCarbon Fiber front splitter with hardware3.0301856.16841.80
10/01/2006InteriorAutoZone rearview mirror-0.1701855.99841.72
10/01/2006InteriorClutch stop mod0.0131856.01841.73
10/26/2006DrivetrainFelt trunk "carpet" liner0.3501856.36841.88
10/26/2006LightingAluminum headlight embellishers0.0381856.39841.90
10/27/2006Drivetrain2bular 6" Exhaust system-12.9701843.42836.02
10/27/2006DrivetrainForcedFed street header + decat-10.6001832.82831.21
11/15/2006InteriorConsole shifter stability mod0.0131832.84831.22
04/03/2007InteriorPassenger airbag / ABS cutoff switches0.0631832.90831.25
06/11/2007ExteriorRemove exhaust heat shielding-2.4701830.43830.13
07/20/2007DrivetrainNGK AFX Wideband Air Fuel System1.7401832.17830.92
07/20/2007DrivetrainGreddy Supercharger System (440cc FI, 3.4" pulley)18.6201850.79839.36
08/21/2007DrivetrainFidanza aluminum flywheel-5.5151845.28836.86
08/21/2007DrivetrainACT LE1-XTSS Extreme Clutch-0.4151844.86836.67
09/11/2007DrivetrainRemove charcoal canister & related plumbing-4.2691840.59834.74
11/16/2007DrivetrainVoltPhreaks VPH-750 battery + custom bracket-17.2001823.39826.93
06/17/2008BrakingCustom 2-piece brake rotors-11.3881812.00821.77
06/28/2008Scales: 1812 lbs. empty (no top), 1977 lbs. full 1812.00821.77
08/16/2008InteriorRemove under dash panels to improve A/C performance-0.2751811.73821.65
08/16/2008ExteriorAerocatch engine cover lock-2.1031809.63820.69
08/26/2008WheelsPolyurethane front and rear motor mount inserts0.4131810.04820.88
10/24/2008ExteriorEngine cover mesh-1.2941808.74820.29
10/28/2008InteriorCarbon Fiber Cloth Seats-10.1801798.56815.68
11/15/2008LightingWhite LED rear license plate lights-0.0801798.48815.64
11/16/2008DrivetrainBOE Clamhinge system (with revised engine lid bracket)2.0131800.50816.55
11/17/2008WheelsTRM F1 17x7.5 rear wheels-8.2001792.30812.83
11/17/2008WheelsTRM F1 16x6.5 front wheels-5.7001786.60810.25
11/17/2008WheelsGeneral UHP tires (195/50/16 front, 225/45/17 rear)-4.0001782.60808.43
12/07/2008ExteriorCF side mirror covers0.1001782.70808.48
01/10/2009InteriorRevoSport CF door panels-1.2751781.42807.90
03/01/2009DrivetrainLETSLA short shifter mechanism-0.7251780.70807.57
03/01/2009DrivetrainBOE TVS1320 Supercharger (550cc FI, 82mm pulley)6.3401787.04810.45
03/01/2009DrivetrainEFI Engine Management + wiring harness3.5201790.56812.04
03/05/2009AudioHardwired subwoofer and datalogging cables8.9751799.53816.11
05/25/2009DrivetrainReplace stock rear clam shims with aluminum-1.0631798.47815.63
06/05/2009DrivetrainRemove secondary O2 sensor & cap bung-0.2061798.26815.54
06/07/2009DrivetrainRemove 20" of extra battery cable-0.8691797.39815.14
06/30/2009DrivetrainProAlloy 54 litre gas tank / Walbro 255 fuel pump-9.6401787.75810.77
12/08/2009LightingRed LED rear tail / turn / brake lights-0.1901787.56810.69
02/02/2010ExteriorDoor edge molding for front splitter edge protection0.2251787.79810.79
02/28/2010InteriorBillet aluminum carpet buttons0.0631787.85810.82
03/04/2010SuspensionBOElinks aluminum rear toelinks-1.8131786.04809.99
03/28/2010InteriorCarbon Fiber Creations binnacle, surround, HVAC0.9831787.02810.44
03/30/2010DrivetrainSector 111 gPan Oil Pan2.2501789.27811.46
03/30/2010Drivetrain0.6 liters of additional engine oil (4.4 - 5.0 liters)1.1121790.38811.97
05/06/2010DrivetrainThermo-Tec "Suppressor" heat/sound control mat0.8751791.26812.36
05/06/2010DrivetrainRelocate EFI to interior, cables, washer fluid reservoir-1.1631790.10811.83
05/14/2010DrivetrainSupertech stainless valves + Eibach springs, ARP studs0.0001790.10811.83
05/14/2010DrivetrainBOE NewTech Nikasil lined 2ZZGE short block0.0001790.10811.83
05/14/2010DrivetrainCalico coated 9.0:1 Wiseco forged pistons-0.6761789.42811.53
05/14/2010DrivetrainCalico coated ACL crank & rod bearings, CW oil gears0.0001789.42811.53
05/14/2010DrivetrainTrim "U-tube" cooling pipe-0.5251788.89811.29
05/14/2010DrivetrainMWR alternator / water pump underdrive pulleys-0.3041788.59811.15
05/23/2010InteriorRemove rear speaker trim panel-4.2601784.33809.22
05/23/2010AudioInterior sound deadening (DynaLiner, batting, fabric)2.7931787.12810.49
06/03/2010InteriorEliseParts polished window winders, stalks & handbrake-0.0441787.08810.47
09/30/2010ExteriorCustom BOEfuser 4-element diffuser + undertray0.6261787.71810.75
09/30/2010DrivetrainBOE Silent Touch Exhaust (from previous system)-4.5741783.13808.68
11/03/2010ExteriorCustom rear clam (shaved indicators, fins, lid holes/lines)-1.6801781.45807.91
11/03/2010DrivetrainCarbonOne Carbon Fiber spark plug cover-0.0521781.40807.89
01/15/2011ExteriorApply new rear 'LOTUS', 'Elise R' and side 'R' decals0.0051781.40807.89
02/28/2011DrivetrainBOE Catch Can System1.0501782.45808.37
05/17/2011DrivetrainBOE Phenolic Intake manifold spacer0.1061782.56808.42
05/17/2011DrivetrainBOE REV400 Supercharger (750cc FI, 70mm pulley)23.1291805.69818.91
05/17/2011Drivetrain3/4 gallon of coolant for Intercooler7.9101813.60822.49
07/14/2011InteriorFastToys Carpet / footrest delete-0.9101812.69822.08
07/14/2011InteriorFastToys CF footwell divider-0.5711812.12821.82
07/25/2011InteriorCarbonOne CF center console-0.4341811.68821.63
09/10/2011ExteriorSpeedglass windshield with stock surround trim-12.0581799.63816.16
09/30/2011LightingLED Halo daylight running light rings0.0651799.69816.19
10/02/2011DrivetrainBOE Swirl Pot Rev400 upgrade + 6 oz additional coolant0.4411800.13816.39
10/02/2011DrivetrainBOE ITG Intake System (revised clamps)-3.0401797.09815.01
10/10/2011LightingAmber LED front turn signal lights-0.0801797.01814.97
04/08/2012InteriorFastToys CF Side Sills-1.6251795.39814.23
05/09/2012ExteriorCustom rear eliminator panel with mesh grill-3.1861792.20812.79
07/06/2012InteriorRLS CF door pulls-0.1131792.09812.74
09/28/2012InteriorRLS CF steering wheel ring0.0631792.15812.77
10/14/2012ExteriorMatte black front windshield brow/trim0.0051792.16812.77
01/22/2013Scales: 1792 lbs. empty (hardtop), 1906 lbs. full 1792.16812.77
02/08/2013DrivetrainRemove front oil coolers (hosing, sandwich, system oil)-20.6001771.56803.43
03/10/2013Lighting10 second delay circuit for daylight halo running lights0.0241771.58803.44
03/12/2013Drivetrain45 second delay circuit for Rev400 IC pump/fan0.0241771.61803.45
05/23/2013InteriorComposite Worx CF Single Skin Seats-8.9451762.66799.39
05/23/2013ExteriorGB Composites CF Gascap-0.4981762.16799.17
06/07/2013InteriorUnderseat ABS retractable dual cupholder0.2441762.41799.28
06/12/2013ExteriorCF Front Access Panels-1.5751760.83798.56
08/01/2013InteriorCF Vent Rings0.1321760.96798.62
08/26/2013DrivetrainDRS 4-2-1 header and 3" exhaust piping + 3" ST muffler2.6801763.64799.84
01/24/2014DrivetrainLighter Voltphreaks battery-0.5001763.14799.61
04/21/2014DrivetrainUse original oil cap-0.1121763.03799.56
05/05/2014AudioPioneer MVH-X560BT receiver (use 5.25 + 6.50's)-3.1781759.85798.12
05/05/2014ExteriorGB Composites CF Mudflaps-1.1141758.74797.61
07/15/2014ExteriorGB Composites CF Rear Lid (with mesh & AeroCatch)-5.8001752.94794.98
08/02/2014DrivetrainRemove EFI standalone ECU & NGK AFX wideband-3.5701749.37793.36
08/05/2014InteriorChange HVAC faceplace to black - add EL backlight0.0301749.40793.38
08/26/2014ExteriorBOE CF Side Mirrors (1711gm stock vs. 582gm)-2.4891746.91792.25
08/27/2014ExteriorLightweight Titanium Lug Bolts (1177gm stock vs. 791gm)-0.8511746.06791.86
01/01/2015SuspensionPenske Single Adjustable Shocks-2.3901743.67790.78
01/17/2015DrivetrainChange back from EFI to stock engine harness-0.3551743.31790.62
01/17/2015DrivetrainBOE Engine Block Off Plates (delete stock ventilation)-0.7361742.58790.28
02/21/2015DrivetrainBOE 65mm Supercharger Pulley (14psi boost)-0.0311742.55790.27
02/21/2015InteriorNew gauge faceplate, LED needles, EL panel & LCD-0.0151742.53790.26
04/07/2015InteriorPassenger airbag, bracket and other hardware delete-5.3251737.21787.85
04/12/2015InteriorORE interior CF dash (replace stock pieces + CF vents)-4.7371732.47785.70
04/25/2015ExteriorOptic Armor Rear Lexan Window (replace stock window)-1.8761730.59784.85
04/29/2015DrivetrainChange to new BOE IC setup-1.6321728.96784.11
05/06/2015AudioUpgrade Clarion XC1410 to Alpine KTP445U amplifier-0.2181728.74784.01
05/07/2015DrivetrainRelocate battery and change to lighter support system-0.8071727.94783.64
05/10/2015DrivetrainReplace ClamHinge support cord with cable reel0.0221727.96783.65
06/05/2015InteriorChange interior vents to chrome ring vents-0.0421727.92783.64
06/25/2015InteriorLeather seat inserts, doors, shifter, ebrake & cupholder1.6801729.60784.40
07/07/2015BrakingFreno Rear Carbon-Ceramic Rotors & Pads-10.3571719.24779.70
07/11/2015BrakingFreno Front Carbon-Ceramic Rotors, Pads & Calipers-10.1981709.04775.08
07/11/2015BrakingBWR Stainless Steel Brake Lines-0.4761708.56774.86
07/11/2015SuspensionSector 111 V2 Steering Arms (V2 536g, stock 990g)-0.9791707.59774.42
07/19/2015Scales: 1707 lbs. empty (no top), 1795 lbs. full 1707.59774.42
08/06/2015LightingLED H1+H7 headlights (replaces HID/Silverstars)-1.8961705.69773.56
02/01/2016LightingGRP CF Headlight bases + lens-0.7871704.90773.20
04/01/2016ExteriorLighter rear clam heat shield-6.0641698.84770.45
08/25/2016DrivetrainUpgrade to BWR F1 Radiator (+coolant)-2.7171696.12769.22
08/25/2016DrivetrainUpgrade to Silicone Radiator Hoses & BOE clamps-0.2981695.82769.08
08/25/2016DrivetrainUpgrade to 2bular 4-1 header + SDCP + adapter2.1681697.99770.06
09/15/2016DrivetrainNew 90 degree exhaust pipe + 4" tip0.4961698.49770.29
09/15/2016ExteriorAluminum clamhinge brackets-0.4011698.09770.11
09/17/2016ExteriorGRP CF Rollbar Cover (trimmed)-2.9021695.18768.79
10/10/2016ExteriorDelete steel top clam brackets-0.2651694.92768.67
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Front Clam-12.9651681.96762.79
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Fender Covers-4.1611677.79760.90
10/07/2017ExteriorBOE CF Rear Clam-16.4801661.31753.43
10/07/2017ExteriorGRP CF Radiator Grills-0.7341660.58753.10
10/07/2017ExteriorGRP CF Side Intake Grills-0.2071660.37753.00
10/07/2017ExteriorRemove engine lid brace & hinge supports-1.1071659.27752.50
10/07/2017ExteriorPolycarbonate Hardtop (13.59 vs 26.41 lbs.)0.0001659.27752.50
10/15/2017ExteriorReverie 5-element CF diffuser-4.0571655.21750.66
10/21/2017ExteriorGRP CF Front Center/Side Grills0.1541655.36750.73
10/21/2017ExteriorBOE CF Front Splitter-0.8911654.47750.33
10/21/2017LightingMore powerful LED headlights0.2121654.68750.42
10/21/2017ExteriorBSK CF Side Skirts3.5411658.22752.03
10/22/2017InteriorReinstall stock rear speaker panel & cleanup interior1.4531659.68752.69
11/05/2017ExteriorHKFever CF Mudflaps-0.1001659.58752.64
11/09/2017WheelsRefinish / Polish / Ceramic coat Wheels-0.0501659.53752.62
11/11/2017InteriorGarw LCD Dash Cluster + Rear mounted camera0.5241660.05752.86
11/13/2017LightingGRP LED Taillights-1.7421658.31752.07
11/15/2017WheelsContinental ExtremeContact 205-45-16" & 235-45-17" tires13.7401672.05758.30
11/29/2017InteriorBlack carpet + binding to cover interior aluminum floor3.9401675.99760.09
12/03/2017ExteriorOptic Armor polycarbonate drop-in windshield-0.5561675.43759.83
12/04/2017ExteriorReplace rear grill to new support system-0.7001674.73759.52
12/04/2017ExteriorXPEL Pro Paint Protection (front clam, sides, lights & brow)0.2301674.96759.62
12/13/2017ExteriorFull Ceramic Paint Protection0.0101674.97759.63
02/24/2018DrivetrainBWR UberTranny - better ratios, strength & Quaife LSD3.6001678.57761.26
02/24/2018DrivetrainNew ACT XTSS Clutch & Disc-0.5071678.07761.03
02/24/2018DrivetrainNew Fidanza Flywheel & ARP Bolts0.0331678.10761.04
02/24/2018DrivetrainNew NAPA starter motor0.5621678.66761.30
02/24/2018DrivetrainInnovative Polyurethane Rear engine mount-0.7341677.93760.96
02/24/2018DrivetrainLightweight replacement rear engine mount heat shield0.1591678.09761.04
02/24/2018DrivetrainSector111 reinforced shift cables1.3101679.40761.63
02/25/2018DrivetrainReplace battery with Shorai LFX-L36BS12-0.9531678.44761.20
02/25/2018DrivetrainAdd battery shutoff switch, new bracket, charging cable0.9441679.39761.63
03/15/2018AudioPioneer speaker grills (for rear speaker cone protection)0.1301679.52761.69
03/15/2018InteriorMore Dynaliner sound proofing behind speaker panel0.7031680.22762.01
03/16/2018LightingSmoked 3.5" LED fog lights / wiring / brackets0.7031680.92762.32
03/17/2018DrivetrainSector111 shiftR111 shifter0.7031681.63762.64
03/29/2018ExteriorBSK CF Windshield Surround0.7031682.33762.96
07/12/2018WheelsPolished RAC Monolite 16x7 & 17x8 wheels + (used) Toyo R888 tires-0.6301681.70762.68
08/01/2018BrakingChange back to stock calipers / CF pads-0.9241680.78762.26
08/01/2018AudioPowered AM/FM antenna amplifier0.7031681.48762.58
08/01/2018Goal: under 800kg full gas + hardtop0.0001681.48762.58
12/31/2018DrivetrainBOE Surge Tank4.2361685.72764.50
12/31/2018DrivetrainBOE TwinScrew 25psi REVX Supercharger upgrade12.0301697.75769.95
12/31/2018Final weigh-in: Under 1800 lbs. full of gas with hardtop0.0001697.75769.95

BOE Dyno Run - July 7th, 2012

Drag Racing (Kansas City International Raceway (KCIR) Elevation 798')

Posted on August 1st, 2015 at 10:45 PM

October 28th, 2005 (6pm-10pm) 57°F 30.22 pressure 55% humidity (1.017 correction)

Completely stock (2090 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

November 19th, 2006 (12pm-4pm) 47°F 30.38 pressure 47% humidity (1.040 correction)

TurboXS intake, ForcedFed street header + decat, 6" 2bular exhaust (2050 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

November 18th, 2007 (12pm-4pm) 60°F, 30.00 pressure, 54% humidity (1.004 correction)

As above + stock intake/green filter + Katana supercharger 3.2" pulley (2070 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

First Supercharged Runs - In the 12's!

November 23rd, 2008 (2pm-4pm) 54°F, 29.98 pressure, 63% humidity (1.011 correction)

As above + 3.4" pulley, AreaP exhaust, street tires (2030 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

November 21st, 2009 (1pm-3pm) 56°F, 29.98 pressure, 74% humidity (1.005 correction)

As above + TVS Stage 1 Supercharger (1980 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

First Time in the 11's!

October 28th, 2011 (6pm-7pm) 55°F, 30.17 pressure, 31% humidity (1.023 correction)

As above + BOE TVS1320 Rev400 Supercharger + Nitto NT555R's (2015 lbs)

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

Record time with launch control!

November 27th, 2011 (12pm-1pm) 38°F, 30.23 pressure, 57% humidity (1.046 correction)

Save as above but horrible traction (1997 lbs). First run missed 3rd so just went into 4th...

Run #Reaction60 foot330 foot1/8 mile@ mph1000 foot1/4 mileTrap mph

Last day that KCIR was open...

Track Driving

Posted on August 1st, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Heartland Park Topeka

2.50 mile Grand Prix Course

YearEventsBest Lap TimeBest Speed

Fastest Lap (1:52.62) October 16th, 2009

Heartland Park Topeka

2.10 mile Club Course

YearEventsBest Lap TimeBest Speed

Fastest Lap (1:34.63) July 7th, 2010

Mid America Motorplex (now RPM)

2.23 mile Full Course

YearEventsBest Lap TimeBest Speed


Posted on August 1st, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Club/EventDateTimeRankPAX Rank
KCRSCCA #609/25/200548.44181 / 11388th
KCRSCCA #810/23/200558.42271 / 10784th
Crown #103/26/200650.25751 / 11280th
Crown #204/23/200643.49414 / 7626th
Crown #305/14/200647.05447 / 8160th
Crown #406/04/200644.90725 / 7042nd
Crown #507/15/200648.76425 / 6246th
KCRSCCA #608/09/200956.58857 / 6963rd
KCRSCCA (Discovery Channel)08/25/200921.1306 / 149th

Discovery Channel's Heartland Thunder - August 25th, 2009


Posted on June 30th, 2018 at 2:10 PM

06/30/2018Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Stonegate Motorplex
04/28/2018Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Stonegate Motorplex
04/18/2018First drive to work in over two years :)
04/14/2018Exotic Donuts & Dyno event at House Of Boost
12/14/2017Pick car up detailers/ceramic coating
12/06/2017Pick car up from Midwest Tint (XPEL paint protection)
10/07/2017Pick car up from Tanners and bring home!
10/10/2016Drop car off at Tanner's Collision for BOE Carbon Fiber clam installation...
09/26/2015Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Rosana Square
08/26/2015Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's - 10th anniversary of ownership!
07/19/2015Weigh car at BOE: 1787 lbs. full + no top (1699 lbs. empty)
06/27/2015Cars & Coffee Car Meet at Kansas City Automotive Museum
04/26/2015Weigh car at BOE: 1810 lbs. full + no top
04/17/2015Garage Photoshoot for Kansas City Home & Style magazine
12/04/2014Garage remodel is complete
11/18/2014Slatwall arrives
10/30/2014High-lift garage door openers installed
10/22/2014Epoxy coat garage floor
10/21/2014Paint garage ceiling gray
10/16/2014IKEA cabinets are installed
09/28/2014Order IKEA cabinets for garage
08/03/2014Oil change at home with Mobil 1
09/03/2013Dyno Tuned at BOE (TVS Rev400) 410hp / 281lb/ft (360.90whp / 247.10wlb/ft)
02/08/2013Oil change at home with Motul 8100
01/22/2013Weigh car at BOE: 1906 lbs. full + hardtop + sub, 2090 lbs. with 184 lb. driver.
07/07/2012Dynoed at BOE (TVS Rev400) 390hp / 257lb/ft (343.48whp / 225.89wlb/ft)
05/16/2012Oil change at home with Motul 8100
04/21/2012Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
11/27/2011Drag race on last day EVER at KCIR. 1997 lbs. Best ET: 11.953 Best Trap: 121.57 mph
10/28/2011Drag race at KCIR. 2015 lbs. Best ET: 11.477 Best Trap: 123.59 mph
10/18/2011Gear Oil change at home with Lucas 75/90 synthetic
06/22/2011HPT Touring Club #4 - Full Course - Best lap 2:01.00 (corded tires!)
06/13/2011Wash & wax car with dad
05/21/2011Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
05/16/2011Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/03/2010Elise back from body shop!
10/18/2010Elise finally going into body shop for repairs
10/06/2010HPT Touring Club #9 - Best lap 1:35.67
10/01/2010HPT Porsche Driver Track Event - Best lap 1:53.59
09/12/2010HPT Touring Club #8 - Best lap 1:37.27
09/01/2010HPT Touring Club #7 - Best lap 1:36.69
08/09/2010Rear ended by Lexus at red light. Will need new rear clamshell :(
07/31/2010Photoshoot with Chazz Hobson at Wrap Factory
07/30/2010KC Trends "Fast Friday" Car Meet
07/29/2010Discovery Channel "Heartland Thunder" air date
07/10/2010Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
07/07/2010HPT Touring Club #3 - Best lap 1:34.63 (personal record)
05/18/2010Oil change at home with Motul 8100
04/02/2010Fast Fridays Track Event at MAM. Best lap time 1:47.80 (BEST!)
03/30/2010Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/21/2009Drag race at KCIR. 1980 lbs. Best ET: 11.830 Best Trap: 117.69 mph
10/29/2009Join BritishSpeed forum
10/17/2009Porsche Driver Track Event at Heartland Park - best lap time 1:52.62 (BEST!)
10/09/2009Oil change at home with Motul 8100
09/30/2009HPT Touring Club #11 - Best lap 1:37.97
08/31/2009Our 8th wedding anniversary at Fogo de Chao
08/25/2009Discovery Channel reality series "Heartland Thunder" filming!
08/09/2009KCRSCCA Autocross #6
05/03/2009Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's - claybar & waxing!
04/10/2009Dynoed at Supertune (TVS) 325hp / 212lb/ft (286.44whp / 186.50wlb/ft)
04/09/2009Oil change at home with Motul 8100
11/23/2008Drag race at KCIR. 2030 lbs. Best ET: 12.697 Best Trap: 112.10 mph
11/16/2008Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
10/17/2008Porsche Driver Track Event at Heartland Park - new best lap time 1:57.65
08/26/2008Three years of ownership - three year warranty is over! :(
08/19/2008Hailey's first day of Kindergarten in the Elise!
08/16/2008Elise GetToGether (GTG) at Phil's
08/13/2008HPT Touring Club #5 - new best lap time 1:41.58
08/12/2008Oil change at home with Motul 8100
07/30/2008Create beta-version LOTUS wall in new garage (see pix above)
07/26/2008Dynoed at Supertune (3.4" pulley) 261hp / 169lbft (230.11whp / 149.15wlbft)
07/24/2008Madison's first drive - she loved it!
06/21/2008Porsche Driver Track Event at Heartland Park - first time out in 241 days!
06/06/2008Close on new house - move in!
05/21/2008Pick up car from TurboPhil's place... drop off at house
12/04/2007Move out of our Shawnee home - car is in storage at Phil's barn!
11/18/2007Drag race at KCIR. 2070 lbs. Best ET: 12.603 Best Trap: 109.63 mph
11/10/2007Dyno at MC Racing (3.2" pulley) 262hp / 173lb/ft (230.87whp / 152.29wlb/ft)
10/24/2007HPT Touring Club #5
09/28/2007Fast Fridays Track Event at MAM
09/19/2007HPT Touring Club #4
09/15/2007Elise GTG meet at First Watch in Shawnee
08/31/2007Dynoed at Supertune (3.4" pulley) 259hp / 168lb/ft (228.19whp / 148.48wlb/ft)
08/26/2007Two years of ownership!
06/20/2007HPT Touring Club #3
05/16/2007HPT Touring Club #2
04/18/2007HPT Touring Club #1
04/07/2007MAM 'Find The Line' track day
04/02/2007Oil change at home with Motul 8100
12/15/2006Dynoed at MC Racing 201hp / 143lb/ft (177.17whp / 126.04wlb/ft)
12/09/2006Attended Crown Autocross Banquet - received 1st place ASP trophy
11/19/2006Drag raced at KCIR. 2050 lbs. Best ET: 13.030, Best Trap: 105.06 mph
11/11/2006Elise GTG meet in Lawrence - Phil comes over first
10/28/2006Ben Noel over with his Black 2006 Elise
10/23/2006Oil change / Dash Replacement at MidRivers Lotus
10/20/2006Porsche Driver Track Event at Heartland Park
10/18/2006Dinner CME with my wife at The Capitol Grill
09/30/2006Photoshoot with Joe Lynch at JCCC and Corporate Woods
09/27/2006Dinner CME with my wife at The American Restaurant
09/26/2006Go to Babaks for dinner in Topeka
09/06/2006Fisher Price booster seat for Hailey's ice cream 4th birthday drive!
08/26/2006MAM 'Find The Line' track day (one year of ownership today!)
08/09/2006Golfing at IronHorse with my dad - we fit two sets of clubs in the car!
08/09/2006HPT Road Warriors #5
07/15/2006Crown Autocross #5
07/12/2006HPT Road Warriors #4
06/28/2006HPT Road Warriors #3
06/24/2006Full Day getaway at Lake Of The Ozarks!
06/17/2006Dynoed at MC Racing 193hp / 139lb/ft (170.03whp / 122.74wlb/ft)
06/04/2006Crown Autocross #4
05/26/2006Oil change at home with Motul 8100
05/14/2006Crown Autocross #3
05/10/2006HPT Road Warriors #2
04/23/2006Crown Autocross #2
04/15/2006Phase I Evolution Autocross School in Salina, Kansas (with Phil)
04/12/2006HPT Road Warriors #1
03/26/2006Crown Autocross #1
03/15/2006World Of Wheels auto show - took Best In Show 'Exotic Sports' class
01/28/2006Elise GTG meet at Napoleans Bakery with kids (brought minivan).
01/06/2006Have lunch with Phil (another Graphite Gray owner) at Sports 810
11/05/2005Elise GTG meet at Napoleans Bakery.
10/28/2005Drag raced at KCIR. 2090 lbs. Best ET: 13.180, Best Trap: 102.70 mph
10/23/2005KCRSCCA Autocross #8
10/15/2005Dynoed at MC Racing 190hp / 138lb/ft (167.31whp / 121.68wlb/ft)
10/10/2005First checkup & Oil change at MidRivers Lotus in St. Louis
10/03/2005Finish Lotus garage wall
09/25/2005KCRSCCA Autocross #6 - also weighed car full of gas no top: 1920 lbs.
09/13/2005Attend SCCA Solo2 Nationals & dinner at Bobbys in Topeka afterwards
09/08/2005Get license tags
08/31/2005Our 4th wedding anniversary and my wife's first ride. Valet parked at Capitol Grill.
08/29/2005Hardtop is off for the first time
08/27/2005Arrive home in Kansas City 1:30pm. Neighbors freak ;)
08/26/2005Fly to Chicago to pick up car from Fox Valley MotorCars - DELIVERY! (527 day wait)
08/26/2005Attend LOG25 for an evening GTG - Meet fellow Lotus owners & Lotus CEO
08/22/2005Car arrives at Fox Valley MotorCars
07/28/2005Install slatwall in garage with dad
05/26/2005Car is built at Lotus in Hethel...
05/26/2005Install gridwork on garage floor
05/09/2005Start sending Fox Valley down payment money
04/23/2005Take sports package Elise test drive with my wife at Fox Valley Motorcars
04/22/2005Attend Elise Driving Experience at Autobahn Country Club
03/12/2005Elise GTG meet in Lawrence (with wife and kids). Mike Roberts gets car!
01/22/2005Elise GTG meet in Lawrence. Bobby gets his car!
01/03/2005Place order for Elise options (Base, Graphite Gray, Sports Pack, Hardtop, Starshield)
10/15/2004Take first Elise test drive at Fox Valley MotorCars
07/14/2004First North American Elise is delivered!
05/26/2004My old Honda delSol is picked up. All my Honda stuff is gone!
02/07/2004Place deposit on Elise at Fox Valley Motorcars (FVMC)
02/06/2004See Elise for the first time at the Chicago Auto Show (meet Bill Jr. from Fox Valley Motorcars)
02/03/2004Join LotusTalk forum
01/15/2004Make a deal with my wife to get an Elise if I get rid of ALL old Honda stuff. Done!
10/15/2003November Road & Track Elise article reaches newstands - it's coming to North America!
09/08/2003My wife Jane went to London for a medical conference. I asked her to get an Elise brochure for me...
06/08/1996See Lotus Elise on a magazine cover. Fell instantly in love. Not coming to North America :(